About Me

Hello there, my name is Dorin Iulian Chirițoiu, and I am currently pursuing the PEP interdisciplinary Master Programme (Politics, Economics, and Philosophy) – Universität Hamburg .

I will do my best to offer you personal perspectives about hot issues from all around the world trough this blog. Given the different doses of subjectivism from each of us, I warn you to read with a critic eye all my arguments that are going to be presented here. I will try to present the problems from the both sides of view, leaving you the act of deciding on which side you should lean on.

From time to time I will also write about the life of a student in Germany and my past experience as a student in Romania. I will also try to cover some things that I am passionate about such as LaTeX, Linux, R language (open-source supporter), Open Data and Open Democracy (vivid supporter of democracy), and Open Educational Resources (a new way to enhance knowledge in the less developed regions of the world).